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Hotel Overview

Hotel is named "Mandap" as this hotel comprises a traditional wooden house nice enough to be observed. The word "Mandap" means a holy place where religions ceremonies are performed. We have given our hotel the structure of a real Mandap. Hotel Mandap thus perfectly combines the traditional elements of Nepal's rich and lively culture with the most up-to-date facilities in hotel accommodation.

Our philosophy is contentment of our customers. Though situated in the heart of tourist center of Thamel, Kathmandu, Hotel Mandap has cozy environment inside its compound. Traditional archeological values with being up-to-date in hotel accommodation is the specialty of Hotel Mandap.

Nepal Overview

Nepal, a landlocked nation in South Asia, Tibet autonomous region of the People's Republic of China to the northeast and India to the south and west. The Himalaya mountain range runs across Nepal's north and western parts, and eight of the world's ten highest mountains, including the highest, Mount Everest, are situated within its territory. For a relatively small country, Nepal has a diverse landscape, ranging from the humid Terai plains to the mysterious Himalayas in the north, which make it a major tourist destination. The biggest natural museum in the world, physical features of Nepal include green paddy terraces, dense forests and marshy grasslands. Hinduism is the predominant religion. Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha located in the southern part of the country bordering India.

The official language is Nepali but different languages are spoken by different ethnic groups such as Nepal Bhasa, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Awadhi, Sherpa, Kiranti and other 100 different indigenous languages. Kathmandu valley is the capital city of Nepal which is also the largest city of Nepal. The temperature in the city in the winter is minimum minus 2 degree centigrade and in summer maximum 32 degree centigrade. The coldest months are December and January and the warmest months are May and June. The rainy season is June, July and August

Climate Of Nepal

Climatic factors are very important to decide when to visit Nepal. October-November, the start of the dry season, is in many ways the best time of year; the weather is balmy, the air is clean, visibility is perfect, and the country is lush following the monsoon. February-April, the tail end of the dry season in which time Nepal's wonderful wildflowers are in bloom. In December and January, the climate and visibility are good.

Spring: March – May
Summer: June – August
Fall: September – November
Winter: December – February

Popular Desitnations

♦ Kathmandu, Pokhara
♦ Lumbini, Tansen
♦ Hill Stations, Chitwan
♦ Parks and Reserves
♦ World Heritage Sites
♦ Pilgrimage Sites
♦ Mountain Holidays
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