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Our Restaurant

The comfortable wooden house with open fire place serving you mouth watering Continental, Indian, Nepalese and many other varieties of food in your request. Our innovative Chef the Cuisine would love to prepare delicious food for you. 




Non Veg (Indian)

Set breakfast

·         Chicken tikka masala/Yogurt chicken with rice or naan


·         Chicken curry /Chicken dopayaja/Fish curry with rice or naan

Simple breakfast

(Two piece egg any style, toast, hash brown potatoes & a cup of tea  or coffee)

·         Tandoori chicken (half) with rice or naan

Continental breakfast

·         Chicken kebab/Seek kebab/kasturi kebab/Hariyali kebab with rice or naan

(Small glass juice, toast, small pot tea or coffee)

·         Chicken biryani

Steak breakfast


(Small glass juice, grilled steak, two eggs any style, hash brown

B.B.Q( from clay oven)

 potatoes, grilled tomato, toast &cup of tea or coffee)

·         Chicken /Beef /Fish

 Indian breakfast

·         Prawn

(Lassi, aloo or veg paratha with curd & pickle or omelet with toast


& cup of tea or coffee)

Naan or Rice

American breakfast

·         Plain naan

(Small glass juice, porridge/cornflakes/muesli with milk or curd,

·         Butter naan/Garlic naan

two eggs any style with sausage, hash brown potatoes & grilled

·         Cheese naan/ Masala kulcha

 tomato, toast &cup of tea or coffee)

·         Plain rice

Mandap special


(Small glass juice, bacon, sunny side egg, slice cheese,

Continental Vegetarian

 toast, hash brown potatoes, grilled tomato &cup of tea or coffee)

·         Spaghetti pomodoro/ Spaghetti Neapolitan


           (Oregano flavored, tomato sauce, Himalayan cheese & baked in oven)

À la carte

·         Cheese tomato lasagne/ Cheese spinach mushroom lasagne

·         Two eggs any style with sausage, hash brown potatoes, grilled tomato

         (Oregano flavored, tomato sauce or spinach sauce, flat noodles,cheese & baked in oven)

·         Two eggs any style with hash brown potatoes, grilled tomato

·         Cheese stuffed spinach burger / Tofu burger garlic sauce w/ seasonal veggies & chips

·         Porridge (banana/milk/water)

·         Mashed potatoes eggplant

·         Fruit muesli curd/mix fruit curd /cornflakes (cold or hot milk)

(Mashed Potato, fried aubergine w/ tomato sauce and cheese)

·         Toast with butter, jam & honey

·         Ratatouille with rice

·         Cheese toast

          (Sautéed eggplant w/ tomato sauce, capsicum, onion & tomato)

·         Cheese tomato toast

·         Vegetable moussaka(Aubergine, potato, tomato, cheese and baked)

·         Farmer omelet with toast

·         Veg. enchilada (Kidney beans, tomato sauce, cheese and baked)

·         Cheese Mushroom omelet with toast

·         Spinach mushroom crapes

·         Fresh fruit juice (seasonal)


·         Lassi/milk shake (banana/mixed fruit/chocolate or any type)

Continental Non Vegetarian

·         Real juice in glass

·         Spaghetti yeti/lasagna bolognaise

·         Aloo paratha with curd & pickle

(Tomato meat sauce, tomato onion, Himalayan cheese & baked

·         Pancake (banana, mixed fruit & chocolate)

·         Spaghetti carbonara (White creamy sauce w/ bacon)

·         Pancake (plain/lemon honey)

·         Chicken enchilada(Kidney beans, tomato sauce, cheese & baked)

·         Home fried hash brown potatoes

·         Meat moussaka (Meat sauce, aubergine, potato, tomato, cheese & baked)



Hot Drinks


·         Nes coffee

·         Pizza margherita /fungi/dynamite /mix veg

·         Tea (milk/black/lemon/jasmine)   

           (Oregano flavored tomato sauce, tomato, mozzarella, topped w/ cheese & baked)

·         Nepali masala tea

·         Pizza proscuitto/bolognaise/chicken /chicken sauces

·         Hot chocolate

          (Oregano flavored tomato sauce, tomato, mozzarella, topped w/ cheese & baked)


·         Mix Pizza (non-veg)

Lunch/ Dinner

          (Oregano flavored tomato sauce, mozzarella, meat & veggies)



·         Fruit cocktail /Mozzarella pomodoro

Fish Dishes

·         Ante pasta

·         Fried fish/Grilled fish/Fish & chips


         (Served with chips & seasonal veggies)


·         Mandap special fish

·         French fries (chips)

         (Topped chesses, mushroom sauce & baked in oven)

·         Chips chilli


·         Paneer chilly

Chinese Dishes

·         Chicken chilly /Beef chilly/Chicken wings chilly or fired 

·         Vegetable fried rice / Veg.chowmein

·         Vegetable /Cheese Pakora

·         Chicken fried rice / Chicken chowmein

·         Fish finger

·         Mixed fried rice / Mixed chowmein

·         Prawn chilly/Fried prawn

·         Sweet & sour vegetable with rice

·         Aloo Jeera

·         Sweet & sour chicken/fish with rice


·         Chicken /Fish szuchuan sauce with rice


·         Talumein soup (veg.thukpa)

·         Nepali slice salad /Green salad /Potato salad

·         Talumein soup ( non-veg.thukpa)

·         Russian salad

·         Chicken

·         Chef’s salad

·         Vegetable



Fresh soup

Chicken Dishes

·         French onion soup

·         Grilled chicken with seasonal veg & chips

·         Minestrone soup

·         Chicken schnitzel

·         Cream of tomato soup

          (Fried crumbed chicken served w/ seasonal veg & chips, topped with cheese)

·         Cream of mushroom soup

·         Roasted chicken with brown sauce ,seasonal veg & chips

·         Cream of spinach soup

·         Chicken ala kiev

·         Cream of chicken soup

           (Crumbed chicken with mashed potato, seasonal veg & chips)

·         Hot & sour soup (non veg)

·         Chicken sizzler with chips ,veg ,creamy mushroom sauce

·         Chicken noodles soup

·         Chicken shashlik with mushroom rice  & vegetable

·         Goulash soup

·         Chicken  stroganoff  / Beef stroganoff   with rice

·         Lentil Soup


Steaks (Served with chips & veggies)

Nepali Thali

·         Tender/ Pepper/Garlic/Sizzling/Roast fillet w/savory brown sauce

·         Nepali set veg(vegetable)

·         Farmer w/savory brown sauce

         (Dal,Bhat,Tarkari,green salad,achar, sikarni or fruit salad & cup of tea or coffee)

·         Rum & cheese w/savory brown sauce

·         Nepali set chicken

·         Pizzeria( topped slice ,cheese, tomato & brown sauce)

          (Dal,Bhat,kukhura ko masu,green salad,achar, sikarni or fruit salad & cup of                         tea or coffee)

·         Café de paris /Grilled (No sauce)



Sandwich (Served with chips & salad)

Indian Kitchen Vegetarian

·         Club (chicken, bacon, egg, cheese & tomato)

·         Mix veg curry/Navaratna curry with rice or naan

·         B.L.T. (bacon, lettuce, tomato)

·         Vegetable malai kofta curry with rice or naan

·         Chicken/ Egg

           (Stuffed veg cooked Indian spicy)

·         Veggie /Cheese or both

·         Cheese kofta curry with rice or naan


          (Stuffed cheese, potato cooked in Indian spicy)


·         Palak paneer/ Paneer butter masala /Palak mushroom masala

          with rice or naan

·         Fresh fruit salad/ Fruit salad curd

·         Dal makhani /Dal maharaja  with rice or naan

·         Banana fitter /Banana crapes /Sikarni

·         Vegetable briyani

·         Chocolate pancake

·         Raita /Fried spinach

(Many more from bakery cake & pastry)






·         Seasonal fresh fruit juice


·         Lassi or shakes (banana/ vanilla/ mixed fruit/ chocolate)